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A Primary Care Doctor can play a very important role in the life, health and peace of mind of their patients. It is not easy for anyone to feel pain or discomfort and not know where to go or not feel confident to tell others. Nowadays, with all the exposure we have to information, it is difficult to differentiate what is true or false. For this reason, it is better to choose a doctor who will find real solutions and processes to your symptoms.

It is necessary that a Provider accompanies you all the way through your life. You don’t need to wait to have symptoms to seek a primary care physician, but on the contrary, the Provider can help you to create a prevention plan, a healthy eating plan, maintain all your vaccinations and be aware of changes in your health.

A Provider can make a diagnosis of your condition using simple procedures and solve 90% of the cases without the need for a specialist. Therefore, having a Primary Care Physician has several benefits:

You have continuous care: you can follow all your processes with the same doctor. Your doctor knows you and is aware of any changes in your health in order to find a treatment in time.

You save time: When a patient has established a relationship with a Provider, any issues that may arise between checkups can be addressed quickly.

Prevention: When your Provider is aware of your health, he or she can identify problems, illnesses or even predict them.

You feel trust with your doctor: A relationship of understanding is established by the doctor towards the conditions in which the patient is in, ensuring better decision making regarding the medical treatment to be carried out.

Medication management: Your Provider can keep an eye on your prescribed medications, noting any changes in dosage or frequency.

We invite you to get to know Bright Care Medical Group, its services and its qualified doctors who are there to help you and solve each one of your questions.

Don’t be left with any doubts! And remember that a Provider can be an important advantage for you and your family.