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2021 open enrollment is here! It is time to secure coverage for 2021, and also ensure that your favorite doctors will continue to be covered by your health insurer. You have until Tuesday, December 15, 2020, to enroll, renew or change your 2021 Marketplace health coverage that will start January 1, 2021.

Bright Care Medical Group takes various insurances, including: Humana, Cigna, Freedom Health, Optimum Healthcare, Aetna, Blue Cross – Blue Shield, Stay Well, Ultimate Health Plans, Tricare, Devoted Health Plans, Care Plus Health Plans.

Your doctor is the person in charge of your health, which is the most valuable thing anyone can ever have. Therefore, it is very important  to make some time to research and choose well. Keep in mind important factors that will play an important role in the relationship with your doctor such as, kindness, empathy, and good communication. It is essential to find someone with those qualities, who speaks your primary language and provides diagnosis and treatment of any disease, to you and your family, in an efficient and practical way.

We recommend reviewing your current health insurance plan. Health insurance plans can change the benefits you currently receive.  Make sure to review your coverage carefully and whether Dr. Sosa and your other specialist doctors will continue to be covered by your health insurance network or if you require a new plan. Note that some plans do not cover out-of-network visits and you don’t want to have to pay more to see the doctor of your choice.

Try to continue cultivating the relationship you have with your doctor or to establish one with someone professional and humane like our  physician. Finding a doctor who cares about you, speaks your primary language, and genuinely cares about the well-being of you and your family is not easy.

Don’t Wait Too Long … Open Enrollment Ends Soon!

At Bright Care Medical Group we love having you as our patient!