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Have you ever ended a doctor’s visit feeling satisfied that your concerns were heard and responded to? Have you ever had any bad experiences at a doctor’s office related to a miscommunication issue?Have you ever felt lost in translation during a Dr’s visit?

A successful communication with your doctor is the key to your health improvement and well-being. In Bright Care Medical Group, we listen to our patients carefully, we love taking care of them and we will always do what is best for them. To achieve that level of success is important to have an effective TWO-WAY communication.

We would like to share a few tips for you, that will help you during the communication process between you, our Dr. Gustavo Sosa  and his team members.

  1. Before seeking any health care: Log in to your health care insurance client’s portal and read carefully all your benefits, which are the items or services covered under your health insurance plan. Then, go to the “find care” option and make sure that Dr. Gustavo Sosa is part of your insurance network. Now, you are ready to schedule your first appointment!
  2. Before your Dr’s appointment: Make a list of your concerns. Beginning a few days in advance, if possible, to track your symptoms. Don’t minimize the symptoms or situation, you need to be specific and honest. Details are important, but the list needs to be precise, to help the Dr. stay engaged and to make the best use of the time you have for the appointment. That list can be made in either Spanish or English, since our Dr. is bilingual.
  3. Speak up: Make sure you make your key concerns known at the beginning of the visit to help prevent the doctor from jumping to conclusions about treatments or dismissing issues you believe are important. The subjective part of the equation (your part) is also very important.
  4. Listen carefully: It is so easy to get nervous at a doctor’s visit, that it feels like the appointment is over in a blink of an eye and all you walk out with, is the blurred memory of a meeting and a prescription. Take some deep breaths and focus on what the doctor is saying. Listen to everything he/she says, don’t distract yourself with your phone or anything else.
  5. Ask questions if needed: When the doctor is using unfamiliar words or his instructions are not clear to you, please ask for clarification. Question the assumptions behind proposed treatments that do not seem practical in your situation. And above all, you deserve to know what the cost to you may be for a proposed treatment. Doctors’ recommendations are only as valuable as your interest and ability to put them into practice.
  6. Share your knowledge: Share information with the doctor about any valuable resources or treatments that have helped you in the past. We will appreciate it. It could be useful to help or share with  other caregivers and patients.

In conclusion, effective communication between you and our Dr. Gustavo Sosa is crucial in building a trustworthy doctor-patient relationship that not only will contribute to therapeutic success, by providing you complete care, but will also lead to professional satisfaction of the doctor and his/her staff.