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For Bright Care Medical Group it is important that their patients come to appointments with complete confidence and feel a connection with Dr. Gustavo Sosa and his team. We understand that it is difficult to know how to communicate with doctors. Sometimes, in medical appointments, we can get into a state of nervousness where we don’t ask questions or we don’t know all the medical terms our provider is using. Therefore, it’s very important to know the value of the doctor-patient relationship in the practice of medicine so that doctors can provide what patients deserve: high quality and reliable medical care.

Excellent communication can increase patient satisfaction by 40%. Due to the relationship, the doctor owes a responsibility to the patient to proceed toward the ailment or conclude the relationship successfully. In particular, it is essential that primary care physicians develop a satisfactory DPR in order to deliver prime health care to patients.

Bright Care Medical Group wants the patients to gain control over the decisions and actions that affect their health. We as your clinic offer you access to as much information as possible and give you the opportunity to make your own medical decisions.

It’s important to follow these steps to maintain reliable communication with your provider:

Ask questions: Asking questions about your condition, your symptoms and all treatment options is necessary for you to know in depth your health status, besides, it’s a very good option so you can be aware of everything that happens with your body, including prevention methods.

Trust your Provider: We know that on Internet it’s very easy to find content of any category, but a provider is the most reliable source of information. They will help you stay healthy and will accompany you during any procedure.

Acknowledge your responsibility: It’s important that you give your doctor the opportunity to know your lifestyle and diet, then your job is to follow each of their recommendations. Many diseases are preventable, be responsible with your body and get regular preventive checkups.

Faith, trust, hope and acceptance are qualities that all providers should offer during their practice. The providers must be willing to help in a caring and sensitive manner. For Bright Care Medical Group it’s important that you feel confident with your doctor; herefore, we invite you to leave your questions on any of our social media or on our web site.